header-overlay What is Petzey

There’s no debate, we love our pets.

They are members of our family, and we want them to be the healthiest version of themselves. 

But life happens.

We want the best care for our pets, and much stands in the way of helping them be healthier.

Accessibility to pet health care. Affordability of the care you receive. Awareness of issues that affect our pets.

That’s why we created Petzey.

And the Petzey Network of Virtual Vet Professionals – who will see to the health and wellness of your pets, who are also passionate pet parents, and who specialize in everything from allergies to behavior to life-threatening conditions.

Eliminate fear and uncertainty, and gain peace of mind through real-time virtual health and wellness consultations.

Because when pets are healthy, pet parents are happy.

Petzey – for a more joyful world.

Our Story

Petzey all started with a Golden Retriever named Zuzu. One day, Zuzu ate something she wasn’t supposed to (as dogs do) and got sick. Very sick. Her family panicked – unable to get immediate help when they needed it most. Their vet clinic was closed, the closest emergency vet was hours away, and the internet provided a black hole of scary and uninformed diagnoses that only made matters worse. Luckily, Zuzu made it through the night and was treated by her vet the following morning. But, her family decided, it would have been a lot less stressful to have gotten the answers when they needed them most.

And so, Petzey was born. With the determination to build a platform that would enable pet parents to connect on-demand to the right vet for their pet, Petzey set out to create the Petzey Network of Virtual Vets. The first and only network of its kind delivers on-demand expertise, all conveniently from your smartphone for only $20 a consultation.

Through technology and innovation, we’re delivering a nationwide community of certified veterinary professionals representing most specialties of breeds and medical conditions. Now, on-demand connection with a vet professional is as simple as opening up the Petzey app. Sometimes, only a consultation call is needed—but if a clinic visit is required, we’ll help you find the right one in your area, too.

At the end of the day, your pet gets the health and wellness care they deserve, you get peace of mind, and vet professionals get the opportunity to help more pets, more often.