Can’t get to the vet?

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From general health questions to urgent concerns, use the Petzey app to talk or video chat with a licensed vet professional to get answers in minutes. If a trip to the vet clinic or hospital is needed, we’ll help find ones near you.

Are you finding it more and more difficult to get an appointment with your veterinarian?

With current pandemic restrictions placed on small businesses, most vet clinics and hospitals are doing curbside visits only and some are limiting elective surgical and dental procedures. Veterinarians and their teams are busier than ever examining and treating the patients they can work with while under these restrictions, thus making it even more difficult for you to get answers to questions or make immediate appointments.

Never fear, Petzey is here!

You can use the Petzey app to connect with a licensed veterinary professional in minutes, all without stepping foot in a vet’s office. Our Petzey vet professionals will be able to triage your pet using a real-time video connection or simply answer questions you may have over the phone. In the event a trip to the vet clinic or hospital is needed, we can help you find ones in your area and help put your fears to rest. 

You don’t always need to have an emergency to use Petzey.

Remember to reach out for any question or concern as well as a complete virtual wellness checkup at any time, day or night!

Give your pet a wellness check today!



Petzey Network of Virtual Vet Professionals – who will see to the health and wellness of your pets, who are also passionate pet parents, and who specialize in everything from allergies to behavior to life-threatening conditions.

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