Fitness Facts for Your Feline

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You probably know all the benefits of walking dogs, but walking your cat? Not likely!

(But it’s not impossible – if your cat loves walks, we’d love to see it!)

In any case, cats do their own exercise routine and don’t require a daily walk. Here are our tips for maintaining your cathlete’s fitness.

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Benefits of Feline Fitness

  • Practice feline fitness inside your home using toys and hide and seek games to reduce obesity.
  • Feed a palatable and reduced-fat diet and challenge your cat to play to increase energy levels.
  • Increase blood flow through the body and oxygenate all the body organs including the brain, heart, and lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.
  • Having two or more cats is a great way to stimulate activity for indoor cats!
  • Things to remember:
  • Cats can overheat so be careful when engaged in strenuous activity.
  • Feed quality, well balanced, low-fat diets specific for cats.
  • Play with and entertain your cat multiple times throughout the day to avoid mischievous activity to fill any void.
  • Have your cat evaluated regularly by a licensed veterinarian to avoid any hidden health concerns and maintain a proactive approach when it comes to your cat’s health.

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