How to keep your pets safe this winter

Whether you’re seeing snow or sunshine in your neck of the woods, here are our reminders for enjoying the win-fur wonderland with your pet.

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How to stay warm:

While your pet’s fur coat is helpful in keeping them warm in cold conditions, prolonged periods of exposure (especially in freezing temperatures) can increase the risk for hypothermia or frostbite.

Be sure to limit your time out in the cold and have readily available sources of heat to keep your pet’s body temperature up. Consider getting your pet some gear like a cold and water-resistant coat, or waterproof/insulated boots to protect their paws.

How to maintain paw care:

Speaking of paws, cold weather can pawsitively be a little rough on our pet’s paws. Paw pads can become dry and flakey for a number of reasons but like us humans, a little spa treatment helps retain moisture and promotes healthy paw pads during the colder season!

  • Give your pet a foot bath when you bring them inside. Keeping their feet bathed will also decrease the chance of paw licking and ingestion of anti-icing products. 

  • Work a paw balm or protectant into your pet’s grooming routine. Make sure it’s a safe/pet-approved product in case paw licking occurs!

  • Routine nail trimming or dremeling and shaving excess hair from between your pet’s paws will decrease the accumulation of debris and lessen the risk for nail injuries.

Questions? Use the Petzey app and reach out to a licensed vet professional today so you enjoy the winter weather on the right paw!

This information is offered for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace traditional veterinary medical advice or create a veterinarian-client-patient relationship. You should not change your pet’s care or treatment on the basis of this information. If you think your pet requires emergency assistance, you should take your pet to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.



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