Tips for Walking Your Dog

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January is National Walk Your Pet Month, which is a great reminder for us to get out and walk our dogs every day.

Not only do daily walks have many benefits, but it is also a great way to bond with our furry family members!

Here’s our take on tips and benefits of walking your dog daily.

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Tips for Walking Your Dog

  • When heading out on your adventure, make sure you bring the necessities like water and waste disposal bags.
  • For safety, it is important to have a collar or harness with identification and a leash or leader to keep your pet secure during excitable moments.
  • Be prepared for winter weather changes that occur without warning.
  • Follow a familiar and loved route, or switch up the route for a new and exciting adventure.
  • Walking with your pet is incredibly beneficial for both of you! Walking can help with digestion, promote healthy cardiovascular function, help shed unwanted weight by burning calories, increase mental stimulation to burn off extra energy, and help preserve muscles and joints. 

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