It is free to download the Petzey App and create an account. Each consultation with a vet professional is a flat rate of $20, regardless of the length of the call. There are no additional fees, subscription costs or hidden fees.

There is no time limit for a consultation call. You are able to speak with a vet professional for as long as you need. The cost will not change regardless of how long the call takes. 

Petzey uses a proprietary routing technology to route your call to the closest vet professional on the network. You will be matched according to your geographic area based on the location of your mobile device. This allows you to speak with a vet professional in a matter of minutes! 

Vet professionals on the Petzey Network are able to provide advice and consultation only. They are not able to diagnose, recommend treatment or prescribe any medications.

To change payment information you can go into your app and follow the steps below.

  • Click “account” in the bottom right corner.
  • Click the gear icon in the top left corner.
  • Select payment information.
  • Edit and change your information there. 

A default card always has to be on file. If you need to change the default card, add ma new card first, set that to default, then delete the old card.

Our veterinary professionals include actively licensed, registered, and certified technicians and licensed veterinarians. To participate as a Petzey Network veterinary professional, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have an active license in at least one state in the United States.
  • Have at least one year of practical experience in a veterinary practice setting.
  • Be comfortable with technology applications, and audio, video, and chat capabilities within the Petzey App.
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be able to interact with pet parents in a courteous, professional, and compassionate manner.
  • Most importantly, our veterinary professionals must LOVE pets!

Our veterinary professionals can take calls anywhere, anytime! Petzey’s routing technology will route calls to you based on the geographic location of the pet parent and address you provide in your profile. We do ask that when taking calls you are in a stationary location. We do want to ensure the focus on the pet parents and their pet. Be sure to keep background noise minimal. Do not take calls while in your car or driving in a way to ensure safety. 

Due to VCPR Rules and regulations, our vet professionals are not able to diagnose or recommend any treatment. Our calls are to help pet parents by providing advice and consultations for the best steps for their pet. We will continue to monitor the VCPR Rules and Regulations as details come forward and changes are made. 

Yes. Currently the Petzey App is designed and optimized for mobile phones on Android or iOS platforms with these specifications:

  • Device type (iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy S7 – and newer versions, Google Pixel 2 – and newer versions)
  • OS version (Android 9, 10 and iOS 11,12,13
  • The Petzey App is not available for tablets or iPads at this time.

Petzey is an app that provides tele-triage and tele-advice services for pet parents. Consultations could range from urgent situations, behavior questions, wellness questions, or accident/injury related questions. For a list of potential consultations you could receive, please visit our website at

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