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Our goal is to provide quality care to as many pets as we can. This can only be accomplished with our amazing team of vet professionals. As a vet professional in the Petzey Network, you are able to help more pets by providing knowledgeable, reliable, and expert advice – giving pet parents peace of mind while earning an additional income!

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Dr. Danny Cox!

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Common FAQs

You are able to be available on the network at any time. If you want to hop on every single night, one day a week, or once a month that is a perfectly fine. There is no minimum hour needed each week.

For every call, vet professionals will make 75% while Petzey makes 25%. For example. if the call is $20, vet professionals will take home $15 and Petzey will take home $5

Due to VCPR rules and regulations, vet professionals are able to provide advice and consultation ONLY. We are not able to diagnose, recommend treatment or prescribe medications.

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