How Petzey Works

Provide expert pet care on-demand, all from your smartphone.

Apply as a vet professional.

Make yourself available for phone consultations at your convenience.

Earn a share of every consultation.

5 Reasons to connect with us

Petzey was built to connect pet parents with licensed veterinary professionals for on-demand consultations anytime, anywhere.

Why We Built Petzey

Petzey is a mission-driven leader in the pet health and wellness space that delivers pet parents convenient, affordable on-demand access to professional pet healthcare. We’re committed to the health and wellbeing of pets everywhere!

Petzey's Purpose

As a pet healthcare professional, you are able to help more pets by providing knowledgeable, reliable, expert advice – giving pet parents peace of mind for a $20 flat fee. At the end of each call, you will receive $15. Calls average less than 10 minutes, allowing up to 6 calls/hour on the Petzey network.

How You Make a Difference

The app is currently on mobile and available in Apple and Google Play stores.

Where is it available?

If you are a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician and are interested in joining the Petzey network, please complete the online form at

Where do I sign up?

Apply to be a Petzey Vet Professional

If you are new to Petzey, please do not create an account until we contact you to do so. If you already have a Petzey pet parent account, please prepare to use a different email address for your veterinary professional account.

Clinic/Hospital or home address

Kinds of pets you currently treat

Were you referred by someone?