Get the

best care

for your

best friend

Get the best care for your best friend


Anytime, anywhere consultations with trusted vet professionals instantly, for only $20/call.


Anytime, anywhere consultations 

with trusted vet professionals instantly, 

for only $20/call.

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Simplify pet care with our network of virtual vet professionals! You can receive advice and consultations about questions or concerns you have about your pet/furry family member.

You'll never need to wait
to get care for your pet.

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Petzey can help with:

Emergency and Illness

Seasonal, food related or a one off case? Petzey vet professionals can walk through best steps to handle any allergy situation.
Running at a dog park or through the forest? Small cuts/scrapes can show up ay anytime, anywhere. Petzey can help give you the best options for helping your pet in each case. 
You come home to your pet limping what do you do? Don’t guess with google, get real answers immediately.

Mystery item? Chocolate? Human medication? Make sure to handle each situation properly.

Skin rash? Hot spot? Get quick and accurate answers to all your questions.
Seizure condition? First time? Scary situations need quick answers. Peace of mind provided by licensed vet professionals
Ate too fast? Ate something they shouldn’t? Continually throwing up? What caused it? How can it be corrected? When is it urgent? Don’t guess get real answers!.

Health Management

Teeth care and proper upkeep are very important for overall health. Make sure you are properly taking care of your pets teeth.
Want a soft, smooth, shiny coat? Get quick and accurate advice to best practices.
What soap to use? How frequently should pets get a bath? Easy questions and quick answers from licensed vet professionals.
Too heavy? Too skinny? Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure. Quick answers and advice can get your pet on the right path!
What is the best food to feed my pet? How much should my young pet eat? What about my older pet? With so many options it’s great to ask questions and get those answered.

Petzey - for the love of pets.

Here’s to pets. In all their furry, scaly, feathered glory.

Here’s to belly rubs, long naps and endless antics. Muddy paws, wagging tails, morning cuddles and tricks for treats.

To the dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and pocket pets. Our companions, co-pilots and best friends.

We built this app for them. To keep them safe. To keep them healthy. And to keep them thriving, by offering a quick, convenient and affordable pet healthcare option for all of us doting parents.

Because we believe pets are family, and family always comes first. We’d love for you to be a part of ours.

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